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Html Color Picker PRO

Разработчик From Heart
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HTML Color Picker PRO is Unique App for Graphics Designers, Web Designers, Icon Makers, Logo Makers, UI Designers & interior Designers. HTML Color Picker PRO help you manage all your projects and various colors used in them, All at one Place.
Major Features
1. Pick Color From • Camera • Gallery • Website • Simple Color Picker • Material Color Picker
2. Make & Manage Project where each project is made up of Special Colors and their Description.
3. Color Spaces Covered • HEX • RGB • CMYK • HSV • HSL • YCbCr • YUV • RAL
4 Beside adding colors to different Projects, You can have a Temporary Swatch to save colors on go.
5. Mix two colors and get many different colors between two selected colors.
6. Get Light and Dark Shades of chosen color.
7. See COMPLEMENTARY , ACCENTED, TETRAD , TRIAD , ANALOGOUS & SPLIT Color corresponding to chosen color.
8. Support Adobe Swatch File (.aco file) with both import and Export options.
Starting With HTML Color Picker Pro
1. Create Project. Name it with your current working Project Name.
Example 1: "" Example 2: "Cricket League Android Game"
2. Pick Color from 5 given option or add HEX or RGB value.
3 Click on Color to se various options and values.
4. Share Adobe ACO file when ever you like.

★☺ Must Have App For All Android + Graphics Designers + Character Designers ☺★
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